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Product Line Card

Product Line Card

APV-Crepaco, Accurate Metering, Admix, Alfa Laval, Ampco, Anderson Instruments, Atlantic Ultraviolet, DCI, Flex-weigh, Flux, Fogg, Gaulin, Jabsco, Lonn, Lumenite, Midwest, Mueller, Murzan, Pick Heaters, Quadro, Strahman, Sanitary Couplers, Sudmo Valves, Tri Clover, Whirlpak.

Pumps Parts & Service
Positive Displacement Orbital and sanitary SS welding
Rotary, sinusoidal, Drum Pumps, Pump repair & rebuilding
Flex Vane Pumps, Diaphragm pumps Rexalloy Homogenizer  parts
Hose pumps. Ceramic Coated Homo pistons
Centrifugal Freezer Barrels & Blades
Sanitary Thermometer & Gauge rebuilding
Liquid ring, Heat Exchanger plates and gaskets
CIP Process engineering
Water pumps Custom Fabricating
Processing Equipment Valves & Fittings
Heat Exchangers Aseptic
Manways and tank accessories Butterfly, shutter and  plug valves
Tanks, kettles, processors Mix proof 
Steam Injectors Air actuated valves
Size reduction Mills Filters
Grinders Strainers
Powder conveying
Mixing Equipment Gaskets and Supplies
Tri Blenders Insect Control lamps
Portable Agitators & mixers Pipe line gaskets ( all types)
Emulsifiers Sanitary Brushes
Static mixers Manway gaskets and seals
Y-Jet, Z emulsifiers Food grade hose and coupling systems
Ribbon Blenders Wrenches
Twin Shell Blenders Food Grade Lubricants
Conical Mixers Sample bags and  vials
ZC and XC powder units Spray nozzles, watersavers.
Fillers & Systems Controls
Jug fillers Gauges & thermometers
Bag-in Box Solutions load cell systems
CIP Systems Flow Meters
Depositors Level controls

This is a partial list; if you donít see what you are looking for, please contact us directly.  We can be reached at 1-800-668-2268 or by email: sales@cpesystemsinc.com