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Scraped Surface

Alfa Laval scraped-surface heat exchangers incorporate special design features which make them ideal for heating and products that impair good heat transfer. As the product is pumped through the SSHE cylinder, even temperature distribution is ensured by a rotor and blade assembly which continually and gently blends the product while simultaneously removing it from the heat-transfer surface.

In Alfa Laval's Contherm, product is pumped into the lower end of the heat exchange cylinder. As it flows through the cylinder, it is continuously agitated and removed from the cylinder's precisely finished walls by the scraping blades. Heating or cooling media flow in the annular space between the heat exchange cylinder and the insulated jacket. This enables longer product runs and lowers the risk of fouling and burn-on.

All air is purged from the unit at start-up. The Contherm design provides benefits such as product uniformity, an even temperature distribution as the product exits the unit, valuable savings of floor space, maximum product recovery, tangential product inlet/outlet for optimal product particle integrity, and a hydraulic lift system for simplified maintenance.